BRIGHT SHADOWS is a short video series addressing global and environmental issues. With this series, we want to raise awareness about issues that are affecting our environment and the way we live. Therefore, we thought about how we can present these topics in a new form. We decided to create three settings, each focusing on one issue. We wanted to create an atmosphere that is comparable to an art gallery where the viewer takes their time to explore an image and discovers details within the frame.

The third episode, showcases overconsumption. The world’s population lives beyond its needs: more resources are being used around the world than ecosystems can provide. Food is wasted and energy is used ruthlessly. Due to a rapid growth of the world population and a growth of wealth, more natural resources are needed.[egg id=“3″] In the last decades, the world overshoot day has moved to a earlier date. Meaning that from that point on, we use more resources than the earth provides.


mini series




Paula Pietrini


Fabian Weigele


Tim Bieker

Executive Producer

Till Hennig


Julius Krebs

1st AC

Akito Ruhl

2nd AC

Linus Kirschner


Dirk Hilbert


Jakob Obermeier

Set Design


Marie Gunkel, Gabriela Matusewska

Hair & Makeup

Katharina Hachemeister

Set Photographer

Leonard Köhler

Color Grading

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