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Bringing Your Vision to Life

From blockbuster hits to indie gems, our line production service caters to both national and international projects. We’re here to fulfill your production needs across various formats, including original content, mini-series, and feature films.

A Seamless Journey from Script to Screen

Whether your shoot spans a single day or extends over several weeks, our dedicated team is on hand to assist you throughout the entire production process. From script stage to happily ever after, we’ve got you covered, even when it comes to handling plates and 2nd unit requirements.

Comprehensive Expertise at Your Service

Our extensive expertise covers every aspect of your project, ensuring a smooth and successful production journey. This includes scheduling, budgeting, location scouting, casting, sourcing and contracting local crew, managing accommodation and transportation, handling accounting and payroll, and navigating local VAT deduction.

Collaborative Partnership for Success

We are not just a line production service; we’re your reliable service production partner. Our enduring presence and ever-expanding network in Germany enable us to collaborate with local film boards and create initial concepts for financing through public film funds.

Germany: Your Filmmaker’s Playground

With our in-depth local knowledge and access to international producer funding opportunities, we have the know-how to transform Germany into a filmmaker’s playground. Let’s turn your vision into a cinematic reality.

Your Creative Partner in Germany

We don’t just handle logistics; we become your creative partner in Germany. Our deep understanding of the local film industry and regulations, combined with our vast network of talented professionals, ensures that your project benefits from a seamless blend of art and efficiency. We’re dedicated to turning your vision into a stunning visual reality, and our collaborative approach means we’ll be with you every step of the way.


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urbanuncut. is a full-service creative network and agency in Munich and Berlin that specializes in film production.

We believe in work that is driven by passion. We are not just a service production, we are a team that understands the future of production. We offer professional production service for commercial, feature film, photo and corporate film shoots as well as social media campaigns.

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