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urbanuncut. stands as a forward-thinking film production and service production company, dedicated to turning your creative aspirations into cinematic reality. We provide seamless logistics and a wealth of high-quality production experience, all within budgets of any scale. Our expertise extends to a wide spectrum, including commercials, photo shoots, feature films, original, and branded content.

While our base is in Munich & Berlin, our influence extends well beyond the borders of Germany. Our unmatched on-the-ground local knowledge, combined with an extensive international network, means that we know precisely where to source everything you require. Let’s embark on a journey of creative collaboration and explore the possibilities together.

We develop, create and produce worldwide. In-house or a phone call away.

We're your creative partners, ensuring film excellence from script to screen.

We connect you with talents, actors, models, influencers, and more.

Full support for commercials and branded content: crew, locations, and more

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It’s good to have you here. We look forward to working with you. Feel free to call us at +49 (0) 89 215 29461 or use the contact form below. Many options! But we are happy about every way.

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    urbanuncut. is a full-service creative network and agency in Munich and Berlin that specializes in film production.

    We believe in work that is driven by passion. We are not just a service production, we are a team that understands the future of production. We offer professional production service for commercial, feature film, photo and corporate film shoots as well as social media campaigns.

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