Are you in search of a dependable production service in Germany that perfectly aligns with your project’s vision? Embedded within our ethos is a commitment beyond mere facilitation – we serve as collaborative partners in materializing your creative aspirations. Our approach entails meticulously delineating the indispensable steps requisite for a triumphant journey in film production. With a profound comprehension of the multifaceted industry landscape across Germany, we possess the acumen to seamlessly traverse various regions.

Production Service Germany

As a reputable German production service company, we extend steadfast filming support. Whether your shoot is set in Germany’s bustling metropolises such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, or Cologne, or the most secluded locales – we’ve got you covered. Fluent in both languages, we, as producers and fixers, adeptly guide you through all prerequisites, ensuring your filming experience is devoid of impediments. Should you require assistance with locations, crew, casting, permits, travel logistics, equipment, or research – count on us. Our proficiency extends to remote filming, and we’re poised to manage all aspects of filming, including interviews and entire episodes.

Our work is our passion

With a clientele including TLC, BOSS, DAIMLER, BMW, and ACCOR, we operate seamlessly across documentaries, TV shows, news, commercials, branded content, and film. Additionally, we extend our services to Austria, Switzerland, or any German-speaking region upon request. Our adaptability and versatility are esteemed by our clientele. Be it comprehensive research for professional commercial production service, feature film, photo and corporate film shoots as well as social media campaigns – we handle it all. No task is too grand or trivial; every project is unique, and therein lies the allure of our profession.

Who we are

Embracing challenges and persistently pursuing our objectives, we are steadfast in delivering unparalleled production service and fixer support. At the heart of our service lies a belief in the power of passion-driven work. We’re not content with just checking boxes; we’re invested in shaping the future of production. Our home base in Munich, a vibrant hub for international film projects, provides us with the ideal backdrop to fuel our creativity and deliver excellence.


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urbanuncut. is a full-service creative network and agency in Munich and Berlin that specializes in film production.

We believe in work that is driven by passion. We are not just a service production, we are a team that understands the future of production. We offer professional production service for commercial, feature film, photo and corporate film shoots as well as social media campaigns.

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