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Film productions abroad.

Film productions abroad are on the rise. At urbanuncut, we’ve already gained some experience in this area: “The Bet” for Porsche in Kittilä, Finland, and the passion project “Julio” in Malaga, Spain. We’ve compiled a checklist of what to consider when producing outside of Germany and the opportunities and challenges that come with it.

Once the decision is made to shoot a production abroad, there are several things to consider:

(Production) Preparation is key.

  • Who will produce? Will the entire crew, including the director, producer, DOP, lighting technicians, etc., be flown in? Or will a local service production support?
  • Are there specific legal conditions that need to be understood and adhered to? Whether it’s copyright laws or local labor standards, it’s essential to gather information beforehand for productions abroad.
  • Where will the equipment come from? This raises the question of whether to bring one’s own equipment or rent what’s needed at the location. If opting for personal equipment, it must be transported to the production location while adhering to various regulations.
  • What permits are required? Even for film productions abroad, obtaining filming permits in advance is necessary. However, regulations, especially at historical sites, may be stricter elsewhere compared to Germany.
  • If the location hasn’t been predetermined by the client or briefing: where will filming take place? Does location scouting need to be conducted to find the perfect spot? Or has a location already been chosen that meets the project’s requirements?
  • Can the crew communicate easily at the location? Will translators and special contacts accompanying the team at the location be required?

Do your research! As you can see, without planning, and research, shooting abroad can be challenging!

Producing abroad, film production in Finnland

Also good to know:

Depending on the reason for producing abroad, different things need to be considered. Is the choice of foreign production locations driven by cost savings? It’s no secret that production costs elsewhere may be lower due to reduced labor, equipment, accommodation, catering expenses, etc., compared to Germany. So it’s important to ensure that the costs ultimately are lower than those domestically. Cost efficiency isn’t the only reason to choose a foreign production: Films shot in real locations have a different atmosphere than studio productions. After all, an international production also offers valuable networking benefits. You’ll meet local experts who can provide valuable contacts for future productions and gain new creative perspectives from various influences of international crews. How do I find the right locations?  How to organize logistics? For these questions, a local service production can help. They assist with permits, local resources, and organizing additional information.

Trust is key!

When deciding to rely on local service productions or service providers to support your film production abroad, there’s always some risk. Unexpected cost overruns, last-minute cancellations, and more. Hence, it’s advantageous to have a familiar contact person on-site. Whether it’s a German colleague (in Malaga, Markus Miarka), who knows the production location inside out, or a friend of a friend, whom you know from reliable sources to be trustworthy, having a contact person at the production location whom you can trust 100% is crucial.


Producing abroad, film production in Finnland

urbanuncut. produces abroad.

At urbanuncut, we’ve already had the pleasure of producing abroad, experiencing -27.5° in Finland and 30° in Malaga, Spain. These extreme conditions perfectly illustrate the challenges posed by different filming locations. In such extreme cold, batteries are the first to weaken. That’s why we flew to Finland with spare batteries and all of our camera equipment. Since it’s very difficult to replace lenses and cameras in case of luggage loss abroad, these items were carried in hand luggage. Anything large and bulky, such as tripods, was rented locally. It was a bit different for our production in Malaga: as director Markus Miarka is a Spanish resident, he naturally has connections in the film industry and knows the right people. Therefore, we filmed here with rented equipment and a German-Spanish crew.

As you can see, urbanuncut. has already gained valuable experience with film productions abroad. Therefore, we’re happy to assist with any questions on this topic or directly with your next (foreign) film project. We look forward to hearing from you!

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