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Service production – your reliable partner on set.

The film industry is characterized by creativity and collaboration. Therefore, service productions are playing a crucial role. They serve as reliable partners ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Since service partners often operate in the background, let’s take a closer look at their diverse services.

What does a service production do?

In broad terms, a service production holds the strings and ensures that they all run smoothly. Service means organization: the main task of a service production is the coordination of various aspects. This includes timing coordination, location scouting and management, booking of service providers such as lighting technicians, stylists, and catering, as well as procuring equipment. The responsibilities of service productions extend across various areas, including coordination of different departments, budget planning, set construction, and precise timing of service providers down to the minute. Altogether, a smooth workflow determines the success of a project.

Collaborating with a service production.

Collaborating with a service production not only guarantees that you have a trustworthy partner by your side, which is especially important for productions abroad. This type of cooperation offers additional benefits: a service production takes care of everything. This means that the collaboration goes far beyond mere organization. Accordingly, you can benefit in many ways from the expertise and experience of your service partner. Especially, insider tips regarding locations, extensive networks of experienced freelancers, and years of experience ensure high quality.


urbanuncut as a service partner.

We too have already taken on the role of a service production and coordinated background processes to bring the visions of creative minds to life. One of our first assignments as a service partner was the “Born Guilty” shoot. Also, in our most recent project with FC Bayern player Kingsley Coman, we supported a film production from France. In our role as service partner, we value close collaboration with the client. This partnership approach ensures that we are not just service providers but creative partners, shaping projects together with our clients.

So, a service production is more than just a service provider. Rather, it is a reliable partner that supports the film production from start to finish and significantly contributes to the success of the project.

Are you also looking for a reliable service partner who will stand by you with organizational talent and advice? Feel free to reach out to us!

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